Headshot Packages


1. Standard Headshot Session - $200

If you’re only looking for a single headshot, this is the one for you! We’ll take plenty of photos and you’ll be able to pick your favorite one.

- Any additional images can be purchased for $20 per image.

- You’ll have up to 30 minutes of shooting time to get the perfect photo.

- High-res JPEG download of your best photo.


2. Executive Headshot Session - $300

Just like the Standard Headshot Session, except we’ll send you a digital download of all your best photos (usually 20-40 images).

- We’ll do light blemish retouching for up to 3 images. Any extra images can be retouched for $10 per image. (make sure to check out our policy on retouching)

- This is a great option for business professionals needing more than one image to cover company websites, resumes, business cards, Linkedin, social media, etc...


3. Entertainer Headshot Session - $400

- 60 minute session

- Digital download of all your best photos

- Light blemish retouching on up to 7 images (please note our policy on retouching)

- Perfect for actors and models who need a portfolio of images to be able to submit for various types of castings and auditions


Outfit changes and looks - We never limit how many outfits or looks you want to try during your session, but please remember that the longer you spend changing, the less time we can focus on getting amazing shots!

Retouching - Our policy is that we’ll retouch things that won’t be there in 2 weeks. Woke up with a zit you didn’t plan on? Your pet scratched your face on the way out the door this morning? We’ll take care of it. However, we won’t remove that mole you’ve had since birth, change the shape of your nose, or photoshop a flock of seagulls on your head if you’ve made it to your wiser years. We believe people are awesome and beautiful they way they are, and therefore we won’t edit a photo to the point that it’s no longer you.

Discounts - If you’re looking to save a few dollars, you can rally a few friends and check out our Group // Corporate pricing below.

Booking info - A $50 deposit is required to reserve your shoot.

Group // Corporate Headshot Sessions

For Your Company At Your Location or Event

- 15 minute sessions per employee

- 2-5 people         | $200/person

- 6-15 people       | $175/person

- 16-50 people    | $150/person

- 51+ people         | $125/person

- Includes all the best photos

- Light blemish retouching included for up to 3 images per person (additional photos can be retouched for $10/photo)

Economy Group // Corporate Headshot Sessions

We don’t ever want budget to be the reason you can’t make your team look great.

- 1-5 minute sessions per employee

- 2-5 people         | $100/person

- 6-15 people       | $75/person

- 16-50 people     | $65/person

- 51-100 people   | $55/person

- 101+ people       | $50/person

- Minimum of 2 people to qualify. Can be combined with the standard Group // Corporate Headshots (i.e. You could do the Economy Headshots with your general staff and the standard Headshots for your C-Level and Director Level staff for them to have more time and leave with more photos.)

- Includes the digital download of each person’s best photo in high-resolution.

- Pricing applies to on-location headshots at your office or event.

- Typically, 5-7 photos are taken per person and the best shot is chosen on the spot.

- For on-location headshots at your office, please see additional information below regarding delivery, payment, and the studio setup/travel fee.

Additional Information

Turnaround Time

- Corporate headshot clients can expect to receive their photos within 5 business days with groups less than 50 people

- For groups greater than 50, please allow 5-10 business days for editing and electronic delivery.


- Images are e-mailed or delivered via digital download


- For Individual sessions: A $50 deposit is required to book. The balance is due at the end of your session. Cash is preferred. Credit card and Venmo are accepted.

- For Group // Corporate Sessions: A 50% deposit is required to book. The balance is due upon delivery of photos. Please note: we can not deliver final images until the balance is paid. There are no exceptions.

On-location Travel

- Shoots that are on-location will have a travel & setup fee included in your quote.

- For local shoots in the Greater Atlanta Area (within 50 miles of zip code 30096) the travel & setup fee is $150.

- We are always available for travel throughout the United States and Internationally. Please request a custom quote if you or your event are located outside of the Greater Atlanta Area.

Final Notes

- Group discounts apply to headshot sessions completed on the same day, or however many days are needed to fin in the entire group. Amount of days will be determined during the scheduling of the shoot.

- Prices and packages are subject to change

Custom Packages

- Didn’t see exactly what you were looking for? Reach out and we’d love to talk about putting together a session that is perfect for you and your team.

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